Oxygen Scavenger

Oxygen Scavenging means preventing Oxygen from introducing oxidation reactions. Corrosion can occur within all aspects of a boiler system, from the feed lines to the condensate return line. The most common form of corrosion found in boiler systems is Oxygen attack corrosion; this is a result of the Oxygen content found in the make-up water. High temperatures, Oxygen and water leads to aggressive corrosion of boiler steel. Oxygen leads to pitting corrosion, which can lead to severe system damage and certain failures.

Most of the Oxygen scavengers have a slightly negative charge. Due to that they can absorb Oxygen molecules, to prevent oxidation reactions from taking place in water.

Pars Lian chemical company produce Oxygen Scavenger based on following agents:

1-     Oxygen Scavenger based on carbohydrazide

2-     Oxygen Scavenger based on Diethylhydroxylamine